Rio Thomas, FROwNS - FROwN Lines

Virgin Islands lyricist, “Rio Thomas” and Toronto native, “FROwNS”, have reunited once again, and put together yet another, memorable body of work. “FROwNLines,” is the follow up release to their first ever collaboration, “Life Lines” (May 5, 2022), a compelling EP, filled with mind grabbing bars and unparalleled flows, laid over eerily distorted gospel samples and shifty drum patterns. And in only four months time, Rio and FROwNS have picked up right where they left off. FROwN Lines is an expansion of Life Lines. This is the main course after the appetizer. Placed together, you are sure to have a full meal of food for thought.

Written/Recorded by Rio Thomas
Prod. FROwNS.
Mixed by E
Artwork by Rio Thomas

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