Rio Thomas, FROwNS - Life Lines

Virgin Islands lyricist “Rio Thomas” and Toronto based producer “FROwNS” linked up for the first time, and put together a short, but memorable body of work. “Life Lines” is a five track EP entirely produced by FROwNS, whose moniker is clearly not coincidental. His soulful production casts a distinct, dark undertone, creating the perfect contrast for Rio’s pensive, heartfelt lyricism. Rio, who did not include any features, surely wasn’t in need of any. His smooth flow and sharp delivery delicately cut through FROwNS euphonious production. The pair seemingly are a musical match made in heaven, and have clearly embarked upon something groundbreaking. Rio is no stranger to soul, Life Lines is his first release since “Soul Sections”, a three part trilogy produced by Benji Socrate$. But, working with FROwNS was a slightly different experience. FROwNS heavily samples 70s Gospel Music, flipping them to an almost unrecognizable state and totally removing any religious connotation, creating an eccentric, almost abstract sound. The distorted melodies and shifty rhythms creates an eerily solemn tone. Combined with Rio’s mind grabbing bars and unparalleled flows, this emotion filled sound provides a captivating listening experience. Rio is a self aware emcee, who openly discusses his shortcomings and regrets, but his spirit is bright and he is hopeful for the future. His wordplay is clever and introspective, demonstrating his desire for internal growth. In the opening track, “Breakthrough” Rio raps, “N***as been on the road/ tryna clean up my soul/ I was tryna take control now I’m just tryna play my role, play my part/ I know I’ma star you end how you start.” His presence helps revive the gospel buried within the melody. The music is spiritual, and uplifting.

Lyrics written and performed by Rio Thomas
Produced by FROwNS
Recorded by Rio Thomas
Recorded in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands Between December 2021 and January 2022
Artwork by, Rio Thomas
Art Direction, by Rio Thomas
Cover Photos, Taken by Julian Hofer
Mixed by E

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