Rugged Triad, Bannah - Bane of your Existence

Queen of the Rugged Triad Indigo Phoenyx curates a gritty body of work for burgeoning new member Bannah. The project features production from $aveme , Brandneu Beatz and Goldfingz. The concept is based on a black version of Bane from the Batman franchise.Hence the title Bane of your Existence. Bannah embodies the the character on a few of the bangers. Nivek and Streetz tag in to feature their skillset. This is a polished yet fithy body of work for those who like innovative soundscapes fused with brolic bars.

Curated by Indigo Phoenyx
Production $aveme, Brandneu Beatz, Goldfingz
Performed by Bannah, Nivek, Streetz
Mixed/Mastered by Bannah
Art by indigo Phoenyx Doc Terror
Rugged Triad Records

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