Rugged Triad, Nivek B - The King's Regalia

Nivek B releases his long awaited Rugged Triad debut The King’s Regalia. The project is a royal underground extravaganza with features from Indigo Phoenyx, Sgueegie O , Mike Titan, Ziz, Bannah , Streetz Tha Monsta , Drastic Measurez, Nique Deville and Sub2reign. Powerful production from Krohme , Hxly Smxkes, Kwenu , Hilltop Productions , K Dero, Kencussion. and Teck Zilla on upcoming bonus tracks . Nivek delivers an energetic verastile masterpiece for the masses.

Performed By Nivek B
Curated by Indigo Phoenyx
Rugged Triad Records

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