S Eyes Finest - WeatheredThaStorm

Shaolin New York producer S Eyes Finest has built a reputation for being the best at what he does. Over the years he has polished his sound & blessed listeners with memorable music. Every offering is put together with passion & detail. He’s been working on his debut project WeatheredThaStorm since 2018. He musically assembled the Avengers with the artists featured on this compilation effort. It’s name fits perfectly for the reason,he was facing many struggles while creating it. Each beat symbolizes what he was feeling at that moment. His first ever project with features on it is a memorable listen which will leave you without words. 30 different artists that he is a fan of. WeatheredThaStorm represents the life and pain of everyone who hears it! - Erick Cortez

Photography By Ezru Gonzalez

All songs produced by S Eyes Finest

Mixed By:
Tracks 1,7,13,15,20 - QThree
Track 2 - Rez-On
Track 3 - Motif Alumni
Track 4 - KingSageMusic
Tracks 5,19 - Nef
Track 6 - Vinyl Villain
Track 8 - Parks
Track 9 - MixedByAuden
Track10 - EQLyrics
Tracks 11,12 - BrainOrchestra
Track 14 - Spectresounds
Track 16 - History
Track 17 - The Black Depths
Track 18 - Hashtagzaay
Track 21 - King Illa

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