SAM R I - Stax Payne

Delve into a world where survival is an art form, and every track paints a vivid picture of struggle, ambition, and raw emotion. Relentless beats and lyrics that cut through the speakers like shattered glass. We’re introduced to the protagonist—a hustler who’s seen it all, surviving against the odds. Stax Payne. Haunting melodies with a surgical flow, it paints the rules of the concrete jungle. This street album is a mosaic of struggle, resilience, and unapologetic grit. It’s not for the faint-hearted—it’s for those who’ve walked the same cracked sidewalks, who’ve tasted both victory and defeat. Press play, and let the streets speak.

All tracks written and performed by SAM R I unless otherwise noted
Scratches/Cuts - Deadplantt
Mix/Master - Trust One & Ash Ketcher
Artwork - Gavin VikrĂ m

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