Sankofa, Bless 1 - Never Easy

Never Easy is a project which began with Chicago-based producer Bless 1 reaching out a few years ago about working on a track together. He made it clear that he was looking for something more personal and less freewheeling. A few years later, he had just the right instrumental and sent it over. Upon my completing the track and getting it over to him, he floated the idea of us working on a project together and thus was born Never Easy. Bless 1 is the guiding force behind this project, his vision from where I record, to how much I write, and how I record is specific to this project. Don’t take any of that as umbrage, I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with folks who will then guide my work to methods/places I’d not reach alone. Bless 1’s vision called for us to create 9 songs, from which a final 5 would be selected.

Never Easy is not a descriptor of the process for this release, but rather based on a piece of art from Fort Wayne-based graphic designer/painter/muralist Matt Plett. Matt is both a friend and a considerably talented artist, so hitting up his first gallery show and seeing that piece, I knew I had to have it. That he graciously gave his permission for usage as album art brings me great joy.

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