Sankofa - Clyde Drexler

All these rappers can grind, I’d rather glide.

Golden era goodness with lyrics for days.

Why yes, that is some truly insane cover art. Thanks for noticing. This album started a while back when Keter (producer of 2007’s The Tortoise Hustle) mentioned to me he was back to making beats. I’ve been hoping to hear that news since ‘07 and so I greedily snagged every piece of his I could, fortifying the collection with additional production from phd beats and Franz Branntwein. I dig this album and it’s my hope you feel the same way.


Production via El Keter Ben Tzadik, phd beats, and Franz Branntwein
Scratches c/o DJ Konfewshus
Album artwork by Junkyard Sam
Guest vocals from Kovax and JON?DOE
Mixed and mastered by Burnt Bakarak

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