Sankofa, phdbeats - BLKTCHP2

As soon as BLKTCHP dropped, phdbeats was all for making a follow up. I promised him itโ€™d happen once I tended to some other pieces I had in development and here we are-notably devoid of any feel good vibes and diving deeply into that menace medicine.

Production: phdbeats
Artwork: Dusty Neal
Photography: Bambi Guthrie Photography
Graphic Design: Chef Mike
JON?DOE appears c/o Beat This! Entertainment and Indie Pennant Records
G.One appears c/o Geeonitis Entertainment
Chuck Brown appears c/o of his daughters giving him a chance to record
Walter J. Liveharder appears c/o dope gear and bottles of wine
Mixed down and mastered by TaliRod

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