Sankofa, Supermuch - The Sonny Vaccaro Years

10 basketball players, 10 shoes, 10 songs.

TLDR: The Sneaker Savant reached out to me about the possibility of making 10 songs about particular basketball players and a specific pair of shoes they wore. Production was provided by Supermuch, who also handled engineering. The initial idea was to have the songs available in NFT format and would be bonuses for people who got particular cards from The Sneaker Savants’ card series. In addition to NFTs, there will be CDs. For each song, there is a premium card associated. Each CD will come with a bonus random card. To purchase the flavorful cards in question, visit

The only shoe/player combo I passed on was LA Gear Catapult/Karl Malone, Google his name and the number 13 to see why.

Supermuch: production/engineering Sons of Black Maria: artwork/graphic design The Sneaker Savant: executive producer Sankofa: raps

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