Sankofa, Tali Rodriguez - 12 Crows on a Wire

Once upon a time, there was a guy selling hats. The guy found out one of the people who bought a hat was a producer. The producer reached out to him about being on a song or two, including a 20 minute posse cut. At some point, that producer became the engineer and friend of the guy selling hats. Turns out the producer/engineer guy was also a really dope rapper, so they made an album together with a coke rapper producer. At that very same time, the producer/engineer guy and the hat selling guy worked on another album, that album became 12 Crows on a Wire, purportedly a snippet of conversation between the hat selling guy’s sons. What you have here is that album, where the producer/engineer/rapper provided beats for the guy selling hats.

Moral of the story: make sure to sell hats, just in case a really talented producer/engineer/rapper buys one.

producer/engineer/rapper Tali Rodriguez
guy selling hats: Sankofa
coke rapper producer: (redacted)

Prod. by Tali Rodriguez
Mixed down and mastered by Tali Rodriguez
Artwork by P-Ro

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