Short Fuze - The Painkiller Boutique

Short Fuze’s words cut through you as they pour out of the deep crevices of his many identities. A proud Chicagoan, a proud Mexican, a re-formed gang member, a person with a physical disability, a young father, a young grandfather, a dedicated lover of hip-hop and so much more. Short Fuze is a man with many unique identifiers that is open to sharing distinct stories relating to them and he’s bound to find commonality from his listeners. Hearing your own story in Short Fuze’s will not be an uncommon experience.

His latest album, “The Painkiller Boutique” dives in feet first with “Drowning In My Own Skin” breaking down his journey navigating being multi-racial and also dealing with physical disabilities. From there we follow his ups and downs, joys and pains and his growth as a man in modern times. The album deals with overcoming childhood and adulthood trauma. The record also touches on self reflection, aging, debilitating chronic pain, overcoming broken homes and mistakes made while on the journey for fulfillment and happiness.

Short Fuze’s wisdom is backed primarily by production from Upstate New York Producer Dr. Khil who brings fully programmed drum kits to life balanced against emotive keys, organs and synths. Short Fuze also calls upon Uncommon Nasa, Bloodmoney Perez and Messiah Musik for additional production on the album. He’s also joined by fellow Chicago emcees Defcee and Collosoul Structure (of Jyroscope) and his long time Producer, Rhyme Partner and the projects co-Executive Producer, Uncommon Nasa on the mic.

This album was written as a cathartic and healing experience for Short Fuze, but also acts as a love letter to his home city of Chicago as well as his family and friends.

Executive Produced by Short Fuze & Uncommon Nasa.

Written and Performed by Short Fuze for ChiMil 3 Publishing (ASCAP)
Tracks 3 & 12 also written by Uncommon Nasa for Uncommon Color Combinations (ASCAP)
Track 11 also written by Defcee for Son of Hillel (ASCAP)
Track 13 also written by Collasoul Structure for Robo Writes Music (ASCAP)

Tracks 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 & 14 Produced by Dr. Khil for Do You Know Khil Music (ASCAP)
Track 2 Produced by Uncommon Nasa for Uncommon Color Combinations (ASCAP)
Track 5 & 10 Produced by Bloodmoney Perez
Track 6 & 13 Produced by Messiah Musik for Messiah Musik (ASCAP)
Turntables on Track 14 by Furious P
Bass on Track 9 played by Uncommon Nasa

All Songs Mixed by Uncommon Nasa @ Nasa Labs, NYC.
Primary Engineered by Uncommon Nasa @ Nasa Labs, NYC.
All Songs Recorded by Short Fuze @ The Cat’s Basement, Chicago, IL.
Cover Painting by Sasha Sai
Art Direction and Layout by DJ Jazzpants

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