Slumber Logic - Detachment, Homie, and Only Detachment.

“Detachment, Homie, and Only Detachment.” was written between June 2019 and May 2023.

The title is a twist on a dialogue snippet from J.D. Salinger’s “Franny and Zooey,” and is part suggestion, more cautionary sarcasm.

Detachment & desirelessness take constructive forms; sleep, meditation, therapy, and destructive; substance abuse, isolation, procrastination.

Within the creative process, I can disconnect, float in a flow state to cope while simultaneously wreaking havoc on my personal and “professional” life.

I needed to write about this and make beats in this vain for the former part of the latter. It took a hot minute.

A special thank you to Keith Cressy and TreDoes for the defibrillation. Thank you to LEALE, Dan-0 and Gavin for the lace and encouragement.

Yours frantically,

Slumber Logic

All songs written, produced & recorded by Slumber Logic
All songs mixed & mastered by LEALE

Tracks 4 & 10 contain vocals from Dan-0 of Freemusicempire
Track 11 contains vocals from TreDoes & Rap Man Gavin
Album Cover by Heather Roy

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