Small Bills (ELUCID, The Lasso) - Don’t Play It Straight

“Don’t Play It Straight” is the debut LP from Small Bills, a collaboration between NY rapper E L U C I D and Michigan producer/multi-instrumentalist The Lasso. Created over the course of a year between Detroit and NY, the duo creates a singular fusion of art rap and punk funk.

‘letting go allowed for the necessity of space to transform and develop new ways of being” - E L U C I D

“Don’t Play It Straight” features contributions from billy woods, Koncept Jack$on, Moor Mother, Fielded, .k, and Nosaj.

All songs written and produced by Small Bills

Mixed and Mastered By Willie Green at The GreenHouse Recording Co.
 Assistant Engineered by Tevin Prince

Additional instrumentation by Malachi Mabson, Jarad ‘Saxsquatch’ Selner, Jaws That Bite, Chris ‘Deep Greasy’ Pierce and Jordan Hamilton

Graphic Design by Austin Hart

Art by Machell Andre

Executive produced by Michael Tolle, Andy Catlin, and Chaz Hall

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