Squeegie O, Blaq Knight - TANFACE

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Tanface - A Audio Art piece by Squeegie Oblong & Blaq Knight

The latest hip hop album by Squeegie Oblong is here! Composed of 13 boom bap tracks produced by Blaq Knight, Tanface takes the listener on a journey filled with different emotions and topics based around the life of Squeegie Oblong. From exploring themes of love and fatherhood to touching on personal struggles and triumphs, Tanface has something for everyone who is an official Hip Hop fan.

The sample heavy production combined with Squeegie’s unique flow and storytelling make this album a must-listen for any hip hop fan. Blaq Knight’s production sets the tone for each track, providing a consistent and cohesive sound throughout the album.

Tanface is not just an album, it’s a statement. It’s about embracing who you are and owning your identity. It’s about not being afraid to share your story with the world. Squeegie’s honesty and vulnerability on each track makes Tanface a true representation of the hip hop culture.

Entirely Produced By Blaq Knight
Featuring :

Mvtha cvla
O The Great
Egon Doe
CD Available via Razors Waves Records: razorswavesrecords.bandcamp.com/music

Casette Available via Icy Palms Records: icypalmsrecords.bandcamp.com

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