Stik Figa, August Fanon - Heresy

heresy is defined as “belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious (especially Christian) doctrine.” and more extensively “as opinion profoundly at odds with what is generally accepted.”

as the layperson has become inundated with information as a result of our technological advancements, many have found themselves in a crisis of consciousness. no longer feeling able to trust the institutions they may have once felt quality and reliable. a consensus appears to be fractured, schisms are now abounding. and art is no exception.

so, enjoy Stik and August’s heretical take on hip-hop tradition over the course of 11 funky, soulful, and experimental joints and see if it brings some backsliders back into the fold.

all songs written and performed by Stik Figa except where noted
all songs produced and arranged by August Fanon
all songs mixed by August Fanon
vocals recorded by DJ Sean P @ TWLVS; Fort Worth, TX
mastered by Saga Asad

artwork/layout by NCL-TM
additional consultation by Anwar Highsign

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