Supastition - All That Was Left Unsaid

This is the second part of a 2-part series which included last year’s ‘Every Last Word.’ This project, ‘All That Was Left Unsaid,’ dives deep into reflection and gratitude. It’s a nod to the struggles I’ve faced, the losses I’ve mourned, and the victories I’ve celebrated. After two decades in the game, I’m understanding (and accepting) my place in music and history. It’s a humbling realization, but one I’m honored to embrace. And to all my fans who’ve stuck with me through thick and thin, your support means the world.

This time around, I’ve enlisted the talents of some guest artists including Shad, Silvandgold, and E.Smitty. Production was handled by yours truly along with Praise (Speaker Bullies), The Mighty DR, and Max Zipursky.

Produced by Supastition

Look At God! ft E.Smitty
Produced by Supastition

Superare ft Shad
Produced by Praise

When Heroes Fall
Produced by Supastition

Pipe Dreams ft Silvandgold
Produced by Supastition and Max Zipursky

How Do I Love Thee?
Produced by The Mighty DR

He Who Remains
Produced by Praise

Executive Producer: Kam Moye

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Supastition for Eavesdrop Music

Mixed by BambuDeAsiatic
Mastered by DJ Pocket
Keys and Strings replayed on ‘Pipe Dreams’ by Max Zipursky

Front cover art by Pecue Design
Back cover art and layout design by Kam Moye

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