Supernatural - Natural Disasters

Set to be released in 1995, Supernatural’s debut “Natural Disasters” got shelved and never saw an official release until now. 21 tracks of pure Golden Era heat by one of the most respected freestyle MC’s in Hip Hop, entirely produced by Djinji Brown and mastered from the original DAT’s. Artwork by Doable Arts.

“This album was created between January - April of 1995 in Brooklyn, NYC. It was a special moment in time captured musically by two friends who had a vision. A vision that really couldn’t be labeled, but could only be put into sounds. In my mind this album could only have been created in Brooklyn at this exact juncture in time. In general NYC was on fire artistically. There was so much creativity in the air, the ground, everywhere, the streets were talking indeed. All you had to do was listen and the message was clear “Create from Creativity”! Everyone had something to say, and Supernatural had a unique way of doing it. The forces of nature work in mysterious ways and when certain elements align the result is something very unique. We truly hope you enjoy “Natural Disasters”, which is more of a journey into the minds and imaginations of two creative spirits than it is a rap album. But in the same breath it could not have been born if not for Hip Hop.” - Djinji Brown

Available in a limited run on 2LP+7” (500 copies), CD in jewel case (300 copies), cassette (100 copies) and digitally on all major platforms. Link:

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