The Transit Twins - PAPA AND THE TWINS 2

Whether we multiply in the sky instead of the way we eating each other alive some of the hardest things in life is still unadvised unavailable to bullshit all the time why give them a teaser a full length feature fine as i wine & dine my man hold me down with a plan to make things right the corruption in the city corrected it overnight love that I give him the sight he gives me all his might under the pale moonlight - PROBLEMATIC NUMBERS

Throw in the jewels not a scratch Gz when we make a move We’ll see about getting you a pair of these for school can’t believe everything you read that ain’t cool - The Transit Twins

we all stars baby you can get bet they’ll get this work construct the five families with ideals that could bless the curb they got their morals mixed up catch with your kids while your shopping before school pick up slipping don’t start the ignition that would leave us of all doomed & then what I’m at the toll bridge waiting to get them sent up - ARTHUR FLECK

behind this cadence are memories of when times were dangerous inside them chambers when niggas fronted that I would make it - Plex Diamonds


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