The Man From Somewhere Else (TMFSE), Shape - Naked Brunch

The Man From Somewhere Else pens an unguarded autobiography over lavish production from fellow Slangcorp alum Shape on Naked Brunch. Crudely recorded inside the walls of a rehab facility, TMFSE’s vocals showcase his signature crafty wordplay and resonating hooks while painfully recounting the mire and turmoil of his path to drug abuse and its unrelenting grip. Shape builds a vast, intricate world of instrumentation, programmed drums, and disfigured samples around the humble hiss of TMFSE’s story, allowing a familiar but unseen, universal yet personal story to unfold. The amalgam is a devastating, operatic portrait of addiction spoken via hip hop’s uniquely direct voice, nestled roughly in the gritty aesthetic of a psychedelic prog rock cassette.

Instruments and samples performed and programmed by Shape
Words written and performed by The Man from Somewhere Else
Featuring Mark Megaro on guitar on track 7
Mixed by Lt Headtrip
Mastered by C$Burns at COSMIC BLACK, Portland ME
Cover art by Roy Hames

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