Tokyo Cigar, August Fanon - Lexus Money

August BEEN a monster with the beats. One of my favorite memories of him is when he stopped by the crib in Maryland and we were smoking in the car and he was playing beats and this one joint literally melted my damn brain. Dude just has a never ending stash of wild shit so working with him is always a great experience cause it’s like hitting the heavy bag with the pen.

This is our second joint and the theme of it centers around complexities of life that make it the amazing journey it is. Realizing shit like the poison is as important as the paradise in the grand scheme of things. 3 joints off this were written back in Maryland and the rest out here in Colorado. Analyze the science.

Tokyo Cigar
May 21st 2022

Produced and Mixed by August Fanon

Written by Tokyo Cigar
“Listening to Domino” Written by Tokyo Cigar and Tone Blunt

Skits by Tokyo Cigar

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