Tokyo Cigar - SERENITY

This was less of an album and more of a musical science project. It captures me at various stages of my journey through music. Only had a couple of stipulations: less than 1 hour, use every piece of equipment I have and drop it ONLY when I feel its ready. Peace to every artist that contributed to this. I was blessed to have some of the best cats going crazy on here and it was humbling to get these performances. Different generations of artists all formed Voltron on this and it means the world to me to get this combination of people for this. Everything flowed together perfectly. This album was not a labor of love cause no labor was involved, just love. Peace

All songs produced, mixed, mastered and arranged by Tokyo Cigar

All artist vocals recorded at various studios
“When I’m Bad I Know that You Like It” recorded and mixed by Joe Clear, mastered by Tokyo Cigar

Executive Producers: Tokyo Cigar, M-Credible & Grant H.
Promotion: N.Allen

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