Tree Mason, Spanish Ran - W​.​I​.​P. 2

The Church presents Tree Mason and Spanish Ran “WIP 2” !
WIP 2 is the third collaborative project from Tree Mason & Spanish Ran this year. Drawing Inspiration from the iconic workwear brand, CARHARTT.
CARHARTT would later be embraced and worn as a Streetwear Brand in the Culture of New York and other inner city areas. CARHARTT became apart of growing up in the 90s. Tree Mason paints the picture of exactly what that would look like, while Spanish Ran scores the backdrop with soulful samples and gritty production to give you the feel of walking through the slums in a CARHARTT jacket. We call is W.I.P because everything in life is a W.ork I.n P.rogress, W.e I.nspire P.urpose, we put W.ork I.n P.rojects and W.eed I.s P.ower MOTHERFUCKER !

Written/Performed: Tree Mason
Produced/Mix & Mastered: Spanish Ran
Recorded at APT 614

Features :
Dot Demo

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