uMaNg, B.B.Z Darney - Lasting Impressions II: The Impressionable

Lasting Impressions II: The Impressionable is the 4th full-length release from the emcee/producer duo uMaNg & B.B.Z Darney. This marks their 1st release in over 9yrs. The album is a follow-up sequel to their 2012 debut, Lasting Impressions. The Lp serves as a spiritual successor, & re-introduction after such a hiatus from the independent scene. The album’s sound is self-described as “Lightening-in-a-bottle”, as it’s intricately crafted 10 tracks were recorded in just under 90 days from March-June of 2023 . Lyrically complex, & sonically bombastic, uMaNg & B.B.Z Darney delve into more abstract themes & dense subject matter. The three features on the record come from Halfcut, Hex One of the duo “Epidemic”, & fellow long-time collaborator, D REV.

Mic : uMaNg
Beats : B.B.Z Darney

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