undercurrent (junclassic, IV the Polymath) - Spectrum

IV is a force of nature. We linked during the tail end of the Myspace Era. The thing that drew me to his beats were the drums. Man those DRUMS!! IV is a multitalented musician who was heavily inspired by Damu The Fudgemunk, among many others. His beatwork is comprised of samples and live instrumentation. However as he developed he relied less on sampling. As a result there are a few sample free beats on the album like the notable “Wake Up”. This album was created between the years of 2009 and 2012, amidst the time of The Recession. There is a lot of pain and vented frustration in the music. Hopefully it will help listeners discover a relatable outlet, as unfortunately many of the struggles expressed herein still resonate with the writer. IV and junclassic are undercurrent. Buried under the grit of it all but still flowing regardless.

All music produced by IV the Polymath.
Tracks 1 through 7 mixed and mastered by Sleapy.
Tracks 8 through 12 mixed and mastered by Jondis.
Artwork courtesy of Verse Essential of D. Ellington Photography

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