Various Artists - Lost Cargo 5

We started with a break beat and a blank wall; these artifacts designed entire generations while cultivating the past. This tradition is better known as Hip Hop or B Boying. Lost Cargo 5 was crafted from these same traditions of using a blank wall to design a future of superior Art making. Bronx children took basic elements of dance, song and painting and turned these components into lifestyles or a way of life. We created Lost Cargo 5 as an example of Hip Hop’s mores from recorded sound, gifts from a variety of thoughtful selectors who use their minds to design the echoes of our forgotten ancestors.

Creativity is the Crown of a Nation that floats with mission statements to break cycles realigned on blocked corners near Ida B Wells. This project has a Radius of legendary consciousness from the analog back log to a digital pit, where grim cuts dial the sun’s love in memory of the bliss of Dot Jean, that’s Fat but nice like a smile from a city founded by Jean Baptiste Point du Sable you get the point? We are architects running on emotions where nine scientists perform alright over beat boxes in Arizona heat knowing international MC’s that play sampled trumpets knowing his story of marsh lands to become Sears Towers where kings that go unwanted become Lost Cargo as an example of true Power. Written by Marcellous Lovelace

CP45050 (C) 2022 Culture Power45
WWW.CULTUREPOWER45.COM Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Art by Marcellous Lovelace #nappy9folics
Arranged by Culture Power45 Limited Edition

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