Verb T, Vic Grimes - The Tower Where The Phantom Lives

“You can’t believe in something you pretend to be…”

UK rap legend Verb T returns with ‘The Tower Where The Phantom Lives’, a mesmerising new LP that sits alongside the most enlightened and adventurous in his glittering discography.

Bound by a set of contrasting emotions and energies; fiction and fantasy wrestling with everyday curveballs, ‘The Tower Where The Phantom Lives’ showcases Verb T at his razor sharp best. It is the wisest version of Verb T to date; complemented by the wonderfully melodic production of Vic Grimes, the Canadian producer proving to be the perfect ally for Verbs to deconstruct the world at large, his magnifying glass growing more-and-more forensic as each track unfolds.

Mental exploration, self deprecating humour, didactic story telling woven together by haunting movie samples, ‘The Tower Where The Phantom Lives’ listens like an OST; each track / scene propping up a wonderful narrative arc; Verb T the lead role and Vic Grimes the composer of their very own psychological thriller, extreme highs and lows eventually settling into a contemplative groove on final track (and lead single) ‘Your Heart Deserves’.

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