Wade Wilson - Mia

Recorded entirely at Ravenswood, Brooklyn

Recorded by Waderick Rami Wilson
Mixed by Doc Remedy
*Black Yakuza mixed by Ixion Form

Big shout out to Cold Rhymes Records for believing in this project.
Height Keech, Artemis, Erika.

K, Chris, and Tako for putting up with me at the crib.
My niece Nailah (A grown ass woman that is still my binky bear) and my niece Ilyss. They both inspire me.

Sis Dee and Randy (Lil Nephew Sammy Too).
Nick S The Homie I’ve been friends with so long, probably can’t get rid of him, Francis too. Know it All. Doc Remedy, Ixion, Rich Mahogany. Grea8gawd. Chris the Bone Collector.

No D1C3 La Famila: “King” Tut, Chatham Boy, Robbo T, Demarus S, This thing of ours.
Lo Life. The Outsidaz. Brooklyn.

Last, def not least, everybody that supported when things were at their worst.

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