Wildelux, Macapella - Hard Knocks

Hard Knocks is the second full-length project between Wildelux and Macapella.

This album is the follow up to the 2011 release, The Masterplan.

With over 20 years in the music game, Wildelux( pronounced Will Deluxe) has been a shining star when it comes to quality music.

Originally from the Bronx, living in LA for 15 years and now residing in Japan, Wildelux still continues to work with some great producers and artist and still manages to tour the world.

His motto has always been quality over quantity. He appreciates his supporters very much and understands the role that they play in his career.

Macapella has been involved in the music industry since 1998.

His first experiences were as a live touring musician before he began gravitating towards the studio, and production around 15 years ago.

Originally from Dundee, Scotland, he now resides in a small village in Central Scotland where he works from his home studio, The Lab 2.0

He has worked on numerous albums and EPs as a producer over the last 15 years, and performed at shows across the UK and internationally during this time.

All songs produced, mixed and mastered by Macapella at the Lab 2.0 and Eastlake 3 studio.

Thank you to DJ Modesty for his incredible scratched hook on Hard Knocks!! Big up DJ Modesty, The Real HipHop Show, all the homies in France!!! You have supported both of us throughout the years and we cannot thank you enough for that!
Thank you to Jolene for the beautiful hook on Anything You Want. Technically, this is a remix because Mac and Jolene actually recorded another song together, but one day Mac cut one of the vocal lines out, laid it on this beat and the rest is history………Thank you, Jolene.

Thank you to El Ay for the amazing hook on Back In The Day. It really helped bring the track to life and it was amazing to collaborate with you.

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