Wrecking Crew - Sedale Threat

Crews are a blessing.

The sum is greater is a concept we can all understand but crew love is something different altogether. Solo endeavors sharpen the blades as the reps grow bigger but unifying on a singular mission happens so scarcely these days that when it does it should be recognized as the event it is. That’s what Sedale Threat is.

In between projects, parenthood, tours, survival gigs and major personal health upheaval, the project congealed under the Wreck’s image and aesthetic. “Steel’s Kitchen” and “Raheem’s Lament” served as capable hors devours but the entree is nothing less than Michelin rated. A culmination lifetime of skills collaborated, miles logged, and bucket list items checked off, “Sedale Threat” has all four artists operating at their peaks.

Mining legendary crews like Hiero and the Lo Lives for impactful features from Casual and Thirstin Howl the 3rd and one of the best going today in Bruiser Brigade with Bruiser Wolf, family ties round out MC assistance with Reef the Lost Cauze, Fatboi Sharif and ALASKA.

Despite a lion’s share of the beats naturally provided by Small Professor the album’s flavors are borne from a sonic potluck with the homies Fresh Kils, August Fanon, Locust and Algernon Cornelius.

“Sedale Threat” is power through community where the next man up can be a superstar on any given night!

Mixed and Mastered by Cryptic One
Cover art by Gabe Karagianis
Design by andrew
Arranged by Zilla Rocca
Executive produced by WRECKING CREW

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