Zagnif Nori - Oracle

After 2013’s debut release “The Meridian Gem”, Zagnif Nori returns with his sophomore release “Oracle”. Since that iconic release, Zagnif has upped his game and released countless EPs, singles, and collaboration albums such as the most recent “Killer’s Manual” with King Author. Never one to shy away from lyricism, “Oracle” provides top tier lyricism over gritty beats from multiple producers creating a realm of pure unadulterated hip-hop. If you’re a fan of Zagnif or Noble Scity in general, this album is definitely for you! Support the newest release and realize THE ORACLE HAS SPOKEN!!!

Executive Producer: Zagnif Nori
Mixed & Mastered by The Quarter Inch Kings
Artwork by Bourvil
Noble Scity 2022

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