Zilla Rocca, andrew - Don't Wait For Me to Leave

Coming off his breakout LPs “POP 1967” and “The Rain Knows What It’s Doing”, andrew seemed an unlikely production partner for Zilla Rocca’s bourbon drenched punchlines and late ’90s east coast rap lineage.

But that’s the thing about chemistry: you can’t explain it. You just know when it works.

Every beat andrew sent over became a song. Every song Zilla wrote referencing the touchstones of Italian heritage South Philly residents know too well built a new brotherhood. “Don’t Wait For Me to Leave” are songs born of experience backed by the lushest beats in the indie rap lane.

“Dom Irrera” is a note on how your favorite local spots change into vape shops and laundromats over time but you stay the same. “No One Cooks on Friday” boasts how fly it is to order in and do nothing every weekend. “Actions of the Now” examines how failures teach you more than any college ever could on how to succeed.

Of course, there is RAPPING! Zilla Rocca has never rapped this much non-stop in his long legged life, specifically on cuts “Draper Papers” and “The River Knows”, going 80+ bars deep. andrew takes a look under the hood to add his signature gravel-paved melodious tones to “Dom Irrera”, “No One Cooks on Friday”, and “You Need Friends”. But even off the mic, andrew’s now trademark ear for beauty and funk shape the record undeniably.

The most versatile indie rappers of today check in to tell stories and add their signatures to the bottom of the painting - ALASKA of Hangar 18/Atoms Fam, PremRock and Curly Castro of ShrapKnel/Wrecking Crew, Wally Clark, Rich Jones, Teller Banks, and Brian Ennals.

“Don’t Wait For Me to Leave” is for people who always prefer local over national, neighborhoods over culdesacs, Sunday’s with Sinatra over Journey at the dive bar.

Produced by andrew
Arranged by Zilla Rocca
Mixed & mastered by C Money Burns
Cuts by Marcus Pinn
Photos by Matt Shaver
Design by andrew
Additional bass on “You Need Friends” by C Money Burns

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