Zilla Rocca - Vegas Vic

It’s a seven-hour drive from Reno to Vegas. Victor could make it in six.

Vic was the guy who could see all the angles. He’d made his mistakes. He knew his limits. He was always eager to help the next guy up.

“We’ll all need friends on the way down,” he’d say.

Vic was younger than he looked. A pot of black coffee every morning will do that. He was younger than he smelled, too: three sprays of English Leather.

Vic was born to be a gambler. After a lifetime of calculated risks, he’s going all-in.

Vegas Vic is ZillaRocca’s boldest album.

Featuring beats from Disco Vietnam, Darko the Super, The Expert and Small Professor, with appearances by Curly Castro, Prem Rock and Alaska, “Vegas Vic” is the sound of a slot machine going haywire when you’re down to your last 2 bucks.

Executive Produced by Zilla Rocca & Disco Vietnam
All Artwork by Pecue for Sole Imperial
Mixed & Mastered by Kenny Lane Schwartz

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