Alejandrito Argenal - Grapes O3 Wrath

Since 2013 I’ve been releasing beattapes as Alejandrito Argeñal. I’ve exclusively collaborated with Amajin Records from Germany which is run by my good friend and supporter Tim. For the most part, I decided to stick to the beattape formula since my goal as an artist is to highlight, curate, and employ sounds that are relevant to my experience and culture. With that said, the major influencer in my art has been 90’s Hip-Hop, underground Hip-Hop, and hardcore Hip-Hop. Although my artistic and creative edge, as well as my profound appreciation for the records I sample, may lead me to sonically and musically foreign territory at times, I always return to form when integrating these sounds with a more boom-bap and grimy Hip-Hop aesthetic.

I’ve always wanted to create rap albums, as that is the specific music that has mainly influenced me. However, I never quite felt compelled by the artists currently active or at my immediate reach. Fast-forward to 2017 and I’m introduced to a vivid and robust underground movement that is both the sound I’ve missed and the sound of innovation that I crave for. In this movement, I hear compatible elements with the work I’ve been doing in my isolated space.

With all that said, I present to you my small and humble artistic contribution to what I consider to be, just as damn near every Hip-Hop head does, a renaissance. I had the absolute honor and opportunity to work with some of my absolute favorites that occupy the current underground soundscape. Huge thanks to them for collaborating with me, and I hope that this dusty, rugged, but thoughtful project resonates with Hip-Hop heads just as it does for me personally. Thank you in advance for your time and support.

Guest Appearances: Ca$ablanca

Nowaah The Flood


Tito TheCzar

Sound Curation & Production: Alejandrito Argeñal

Mixing & Mastering: Ca$ablanca

Artwork: Deadly Album Covers

Design & Layout: Alejandrito Argeñal

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