Pruven - Asiatic African Arts

This record was designed to show homage to the cultures via in the album title using the soundscapes of music from producer’s from those demographics. Furthermore, this piece of music creates appreciation to cultures that have been influenced by hiphop music. With writing to that reveals social justice to the artist personal esoteric thought this music is followed with visual truth which brings viewers in for the journey for solutions. The story telling on this album expresses human relationships along with the perils of social dilemmas to online dating along to the basics of just appreciating life. The observatory view on this record that brings the listeners in is by design. A view of modern conflicts in society while encompassing solutions. Trial with error soundscape music for reflecting personal choices of the society we are and the artist. In a culture, in which we are all seeking more clarity and peace this soundtrack gives a display of ugly truth. A sound track for your life to evaluate the directions in which you wish you travel. You get a desire to make change overall for better after listening.

Lyrics written by Pruven
Featured artist wrote their own original material
Album mastered by DJ Fred Ones of T.M.E. studios in the Bronx, NYC
Album art by DJ M1 & Sizorhandz

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