Alejandrito Argeñal - Un Sonido Inconfundible

Un Sonido InconfundibleAn Unmistakable Sound

From the most northern regions of Mexico to the most southern regions of Chile, to the many islands that make up the Caribbean region, to the diasporas that stem from these geographies and share a history of European colonization and oppression. Diverse cultures and communities with many linkages have produced some of the richest yet overlooked musical histories. This project serves as a further exploration of the Latin American crates, aesthetics, themes, and motifs.
Accompanied by a diverse group of lyricists and emcees, the sounds and music is recontextualized to encourage the discovery of these musical histories and to further integrate the Latin American influence and potential into the contemporary Hip-Hop movement.

Sound Curation & Production:
Alejandrito Argeñal

Lyrics & Vocals:
Grey Phox
Jay NiCE
Meph Luciano
Nowaah The Flood
Tha God Fahim

Art & Design:
Alejandrito Argeñal

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