AM Early Morning, Original Super Legend - Cus & Ty

This project is a magnificently harmonious soundscape on rugged terrain. The famed AM Early Morning and our cheat code Original Super Legend team up on a story-lined themed album giving you a perspective of the trials and tribulations of what it takes to become one of the best in any industry. This album features all major players: Daniel Son, Jae Haze, Weasel Sims, The Dutchmaster, J Wade, and Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon. There is a small vinyl run of 100 copies total; 50 gold plates and 50 red plates. This album is heavy.

Beat selection, song arrangement and written by AM Early Morning.
Features wrote their own raps.
Beats produced by Original Super Legend (ASCAP)
Mixed and mastered by Doc Da Mindbenda
Artwork by Idea Boy Creative Services

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