Chong Wizard - Blessing Season

Blessing Season is upon us.

But what is Blessing Season? To me it’s a state of mind. It’s about viewing life from an optimistic point of view. It’s about perspective. It’s about opening yourself up to be able to receive and recognize the blessings of your life. Then in turn being able to bless the world with your gift.

Lots of us suffer from not being able to appreciate the things we have and instead focus on what we don’t have. At times I’ve struggled with never being satisfied with any level of success I’ve experienced. Always thinking things could be better instead of just being content with what I have and what I’ve been able to accomplish. Lately I’ve been working on looking at things from different perspectives and it’s helped me understand a lot more about life.

Musically it’s a chill, calming soundtrack to life. It will make you feel a variety of emotions. I made soulful beats that sounded good to my ear and chose a unique group of guest vocalists that had the flavour needed to finesse these soul chops and loops. I really wanted to touch hearts and souls with this one.

I could talk more in-depth about the album but I’d like you all to experience it for yourself and interpret the art in your own way. I only hope the album brings you joy.

Thank you all for blessing my life.


Chong Wizard

All songs produced by Chong Wizard

All Songs mixed and mastered by Lightfoot
(except “Watermelon Just Sweet Cucumber” mixed by Cutta and “Wizard” mixed by Michael Millions)

Cover Art by Andres Guzman

Test Press Covers by Oerejum

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