Wally Clark, Flu - GOON

Hi friends!
This is Wally Clark. I am releasing my first album of me rapping on vinyl. It is called GOON, and it is fully produced by my Australian brother Flu.

You might know flew form working with Eto, Smoovth, Sonny Jim, General Back Pain and a long list of other talented people.
Flu reached out to me in 2017, after hearing my album Fighting Words.

Over the past 3 years we have made a bunch of songs, scraped them, and continued to work to give you our best effort. The finished product is a dark, nihilistic look of the world burning, through the lens of a tired and frustrated drug dealing GOON.

Distributed through the illustrious, Tuff Kong Records, GOON is available in two color-ways, and has amazing original artwork by @graive_daisy.

Please give this a listen and I would greatly appreciate your support, so that I can keep providing you with quality music.

Purchase through Tuff Kong here: www.tuffkongrecords.com/products/goon-lp

Produced by Flu

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