Jay Cinema, Chow - Alchemy

Alchemy! A magical process! Thank you to my brother Chow for giving me the opportunity this beautiful work of art with you. We’ve both grown so much since when we first started making this project. It’s been an honor to grow and truly cultivate this friendship with you. This project means the world to me! I shared so much of myself with this one. Micah, Dayamore, Michael, nOOn, and shemar, I cannot express my gratitude enough for the contributions y’all gave to this! Yeshua Sunn, you are the greatest! Thank you for really making this project come alive with the art! Caleb and Miles, you both allowed 2 of these songs to come alive visually, thank you so much. If you’re listening, I hope this project gives you something the same way it gave me a lot. Peace!

Written & Performed by Jay Cinema
Produced, Mixed, Mastered, & Performed by Chow
Micah Gabriel featured on track 9
Dayamore featured on track 13
Big Flowers, DJ nOOnsomwhere, & shemar featured on track 18
yeshua sunn on cover art

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