nofacerapper, Foule Monk - And It Was Beautiful

And It Was Beautiful” by nofacerapper is a sonic journey through the profound theme of utilizing talents and limited resources to create something timeless. With an abstract boom bap sound enriched by soulful samples, the album encapsulates the essence of authenticity and fearlessness in the face of rejection.

Standout tracks like “COYF” and “Unfinished Airplane” delve into introspective and observant narratives, addressing topics such as depression, suicide, health, and feelings of inadequacy. The album’s lyrical content is anchored in the mantra “Never Fear Rejection,” emphasizing a fearless commitment to authenticity.

Foule Monk’s production weaves a unique texture throughout the album, characterized by obscure hip hop and abstractness. The project is mixed and mastered by the talented LUNAR., who also makes a notable appearance as the sole feature on the album. The album artwork, depicting nofacerapper and Foule Monk in front of a car, symbolizes the resilience and determination to keep going, even if not in the fanciest vehicle.

“And It Was Beautiful” stands as a testament to nofacerapper’s growth and evolution as an artist, striking a perfect balance that reflects his current stage in life – no flashy tricks, just honesty, and authenticity.

Entirely produced by Foule Monk
Mixed and Mastered by LUNAR.

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