King Khan Shamanic - Nowhere's Native


Here is an EP about not having an obvious place to call “home” and living a semi-nomadic life.

Representing or putting on for somewhere is a big deal in this Thing Of Ours. I’ve moved around a good amount in life so far, not just from city to city or even country to country, but across continents. I always felt like I didn’t know where I should - or even could - legitimately represent, and that led me to reflect on the nomadic path.

There’s few things that are as instantly relatable in Hip Hop to shouting out your hometown, city, state or country. Would it be relatable to rap about never staying anywhere for longer than a few years, constantly moving from place to place? I figured - Yes, it is definitely a significant part of many people’s experience - whether by choice or not, and I hope it will resonate.

The process of making this project was a reminder that I’ve been incredibly blessed to live in multiple places, and made me realize I’m proud to represent and put on for all the places I’ve lived.

With that said, this one is for the nomads, for those who are from ‘Nowhere’ but at the same time from Everywhere - Enjoy!

Much Love,

King Khan AKA The Shamanic One

Words: King Khan Shamanic

Music: Palmer Eldritch

Mixing & Mastering : Palmer Eldtrich

Artwork: King Khan Shamanic & Palmer Eldritch

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