Vic Spencer, Small Professor - Mudslide

“Mudslide reminds me of how I’m having fun being an underground legend. I feel like if you got your grind from the mud, it’s important to show it but why not show it in a fun/happy way.”—Vic Spencer on his new album with Small Professor, Mudslide

Chicago-meets-Philly when Vic Spencer and Small Professor connect on Mudslide, the incredible new album from this pairing of raw talents. Coalmine Records is proud to share this project with the world, and it marks Small Pro’s third collaborative release on the label after he previously linked with Guilty Simpson and the late Sean Price.

For the producer, it was an exciting new opportunity to team up with an emcee who’s gruff-voiced, hilarious, and can out-rap anyone on the planet. “Plus, my past Coalmine projects have their own neo/prog-boom-bap vibe, and ‘Mudslide’ continues that particular sonic blueprint,” Small Pro said.

And for fans of that sound, you’re not going to find a better example of that sound than this album. It’s just as experimental as it is steeped in the traditions of rap thanks to Vic’s boundary-pushing rhymes and Small Pro’s immensely satisfying instrumentals.

“One of the most important rapper characteristics for me is vocal distinctiveness,” Small Pro explained. “Vic’s grimy-ass voice goes great with gutter, thunderous drums, slightly off-key basslines, and horror film strings.”

Tracks like “WAVEZ, micro,” “Lil Jon’s Weed Stash,” “Ew McNasty’s Revenge,” and “Selfcare Welfare” marry psychedelic vibes with grounded and clever lyricism. Another immediate standout is the lead focus track “Pitfall Music,” which features a mean-mugging guest verse from Flee Lord with cuts supplied by acclaimed turntablist, DJ Revolution.

Mudslide is available now for pre-order and officially drops July 15th via Coalmine Records. Check out the various merch options and bundle pre-orders which include multiple vinyl configurations, CDs, cassettes, t-shirts as well as custom made skate wheels designed by FRKO which are modeled after the classic Slime Balls by Santa Cruz.

All tracks produced by Small Professor
All songs recorded and mixed by Doc Da Mindbenda
All songs mastered by D-Sane for Digital Age Sound
Executive produced by Matt Diamond
Album cover illustrated by FRKO
Insert Photography (L to R): Mani Orr, Sun Bronx
Layout designed by Frank DeMaria
Editorial by Andrew Martin

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