WILDELUX - The IT Factor

The IT Factor will be Wildelux”s last solo album. Many people ask why? Is he going to put out any more music? Is he sick or something? The truth is, with over 30 years in the music industry, he is looking to do something else in the music field. It’s not clear as of yet what the next move will be, but he will still be involved in the music somehow, someway. But never mind that. On the last album, Wildelux goes out with a banger of an album with great concepts, in-sync flows, smacking driving production (this time all produced by Wildelux), and dope features. The album was four years in the making with many different variations of the album recorded, re-recorded, trial and error phases, and of course the 3-year pandemic that made the world stand still. Throughout all those obstacles, Wildelux made a solid piece of work that will hopefully go down in history as a classic album. Time will tell. Wildelux says that the support that has been given over the years and still is given is hugely appreciated. This is not the end, but a new beginning. Stay tuned!

All songs were written and produced and mixed by Wildelux with the exception of tracks 3,6,9,11and 12.

All songs were mastered by Caleb Macken, Waiting Room Productions. Dublin, Ireland

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